Tarot Services

The archetypes of tarot can provide you with a fresh perspective and help you discover new ways to take control of your life. I offer practical, constructive insights that can bring you to a better understanding of your situation, your options, and yourself. Before you purchase a reading, please read my code of ethics for more information on my rules and reading style.

Tarot Readings

Choose the type of reading you want from the options below and send me your question. All readings include an image of your spread and a Word document that contains a detailed, thoughtful interpretation of each card in the context of your question. I will send you your reading and interpretation within three business days after payment has been received.

Three-Card Spread

This simple reading will give you a quick overview of your situation and provide you with succinct, straightforward advice. This spread is perfect for simple or general questions.

Custom Spread

For tricky or complicated questions that need a closer look, I will design a custom spread to examine the unique factors at play in your situation. These detailed spreads are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your question and the options available to you.

Tarot Spreads

If you work with tarot on your own, I will design you a custom spread for whichever type of reading you specify. As with readings, please read my code of ethics before purchasing a spread design.

Small Spread

A three- to five-card spread tailored to the theme of your choice.

Medium Spread

A six- to ten-card spread tailored to the theme of your choice.

Large Spread

A ten- to fifteen-card spread tailored to the theme of your choice.