Welcome to Tarot Inside Out!

I’m Maggie, an Atlanta-dwelling tarot reader with a passion for symbolism and a knack for offering practical insight. I first encountered tarot when I was twelve years old and reconnected with it after graduating from college, and I have been reading for myself and friends on a regular basis for the past several years. When I’m not slinging cards, I love curling up with a good book, enjoying a craft cocktail, planning a trip out of town to watch the next meteor shower, volunteering with pollinator conservation activists, and (of course) a slightly inadvisable amount of Netflix.

Tarot Inside Out began as a place for me to keep a record of my journey into professional tarot reading. Here you will find reflections, card interpretations, custom spreads, deck and spread reviews, and other writings about my experiences with divination decks. In addition to tarot, I work with the occasional oracle deck, and I have been learning the Lenormand system since I received my first deck as a gift from a friend and quickly fell in love with its grammatical reading style.

I use card reading as a combination daily thought exercise/meditation focus/source of advice. I work with tarot to help myself and others see problems and solutions from new angles and to bring focus to topics, occurrences, or possibilities that might otherwise be overlooked.


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