I’m still here, turns out! I’ve been doing daily readings, but I write so slowly that trying to journal them takes up more of my time than it’s worth, so I’m doing them on my phone with the Golden Thread Tarot app for the time being.

Last night, I did a reading for a friend of mine who’s found herself in a rough place regarding her living situation. I made up a spread for her that included one card for her, one card for the problem, and three cards each for the potential decisions she was considering.


When I flipped the card that described her problem, we got the Star. I wasn’t really sure where to go with this at first, since the Star seems like a pretty clearly positive card, but it turned out to describe the situation perfectly. I came away from this reading with a perception of the Star that I’d never considered before: even positive inspiration can screw with you when it seems like everyone else’s dreams are coming true around you.

My friend is a creative person in an environment full of other creative types who, more often than not, have access to far more resources and connections than she does. Every day, she sees people doing what she wants to do for a living, and she learns a little bit more about how to succeed at it. She told me during the reading that this environment inspires her to try to succeed as well.

Her industry, though, is extremely competitive, and newcomers have a hard time breaking in. She sees other people in her field, who have more money and experience than she does, make their dreams come true every day while she struggles to get her foot in the door. As inspirational as it is for her to live in a place where she’s constantly reminded of her own drive to succeed and the possibility of her success, she told me that she feels pressured to keep up with them and drained because it seems like she can’t get there.

I’d never thought about the Star that way before. After all, the Star is inspiration and hope, and it seems like a given that an abundance of either of those things can be a good thing. I’m glad I got to do this reading, and I’m grateful for the new perspective and for the reminder that everything, even hope, is better in moderation.


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