Turning Inside Out

Hey, everyone!

I recently started the Alternative Tarot Course from Little Red Tarot, and I’m going to be logging my progress, ideas, and other thought droppings here. Daily readings will probably go here as well.

You also may have noticed (yeah, all, what, two of you) that the title of this website changed. I’ve been trying to figure out what to call my tarot…business, or blog, or whatever the hell I’m doing. Finding a name has been really difficult because I wanted something that would convey a really practical approach to reading but didn’t sound snide or dismissive to spiritual readers. I don’t believe in woo-woo, but my opinion is not the universe, and every one of the readers I admire has at least one toe dipped in the world of woo-woo, which doesn’t make them any less awesome.

For now, I’m going with Tarot Inside Out, because that’s how I think about reading: I am not reading the cards; I’m using the cards to read everything else. I’m not telling other people what the cards mean; I’m helping them see their lives in my spread and make connections. The cards aren’t the future, they’re a microcosm. The answers are already in and around us–we just need something to show us where they might be. It’s kind of like a cross between a prism, a translation, and a therapy session.

It’s also how I feel about being a tarot reader who doesn’t believe in fate, the law of attraction, past lives, or spirits (well, not in their objective existence; whether or not they’re ‘real’ is a matter of semantics and a horse of several different colors). I don’t know how I feel about reading tarot as a skeptic who does witchcraft and doesn’t believe in magic. It feels so backwards to me, and I have no idea why anyone who wants their cards read would come to me instead of someone more spiritual. I honestly believe I can help, but even I’m sitting here going, “Why? Why this way? Why do I not think this is stupid? How can I expect people not to feel judged by me?”

That’s where I’m starting from and what I’m trying to figure out: what am I doing as a non-spiritual tarot reader? How can I help both spiritual people and skeptics from my position? How can I relate to querents rationally in a way that will not make them feel judged, and how can I communicate how tarot is helpful in a way that does not misrepresent my feelings about divination? What even is my audience?


I don’t know. Let’s all keep checking back here until I figure it out.


2 thoughts on “Turning Inside Out

  1. for what it’s worth I think you learn to believe in magic as you do witchcraft šŸ˜‰ and I also think there’s a huge need for tarot readers who don’t come from a hugely spiritual background! so go you!


  2. Maybe your definition of magic is simply different to others šŸ™‚ we all have our own unique bond with our beliefs and things such as tarot. It’s so hard to get your blog up and going isn’t it lol I always feel like I am only writing for 2 people, it seems the love is not always free flowing on WordPress but I am sure in time it will pick up. How are you finding the Tarot course so far with little red?


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